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How can manufacturing companies survive the innovation test period?

There has been a lack of an innovative spirit in China's machining enterprises. Under the current situation, the following strategies and cost innovation that China's machining enterprises have implemented for many years cannot adapt to the development of the industry. And the United States, Germany and other developed countries in the rapid development of science and technology, as the feelers will also fall into different degrees of embarrassment. So, how can we smooth out the trial period of innovation?


American companies are good at "zero to one" innovation, and they are good at never becoming. The innovation of German enterprises is the development of "icing on the cake". Industry 4.0 is to use systematic, integrated and integrated thinking to upgrade the machining manufacturing industry to a new level, to achieve more precise and more efficient standards.


In today's market diversity and technology, manufacturing only improves flexibility to meet the higher standards of manufacturing. Therefore, in the face of global industry changes, we can only achieve through flexible manufacturing.


How do manufacturing companies get through the innovation trial period?


The importance of flexibility for industrial development in developed countries.


Germany's large enterprises mostly use ERP system management, highly automated ERP system can improve integration, but it is not good in the performance of flexibility. It is a big embarrassment for Germany's manufacturing industry once it needs to be changed.


For the United States, although the original innovation of technology is very strong, but also will be subject to the capital environment. As a result, the U.S. government has pushed for a "reindustrialization" strategy to fund U.S. manufacturing innovation.


China's manufacturing industry is very broad spectrum, from industry 1.0 times to 4.0 times, exists in a single economic system at the same time, the transformation and upgrading of innovation power can no longer rely on follow in the footsteps of the United States and Germany.


Facing the reform of manufacturing innovation predicament, the core advantage of the domestic industry ecology is the fundamental way out. China's manufacturing sector is the world's largest in terms of capacity, with more suppliers than other countries, 150 million experienced industrial workers and fairly modern infrastructure. In addition to China's vast domestic market and robust supply chain, it can also commercialize innovative products quickly, giving local Chinese companies a cost advantage.


The arrival of the 4.0 for industry, in order to adapt to the global economy demands for sophisticated products of flexible manufacturing, China's industrial system should absorb the experience of the United States, Germany, the flexible manufacturing, agile manufacturing, as the direction of the innovation breakthrough, as soon as possible out of the innovation.